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On April 7th I purchase my triple strap korset in person at the wolfchase galleria mall in Memphis,TN. The staff was amazing they explained everything on how to properly wear. This is by far the BEST TRAINER i've ever purchased. I actually can bend, breathe and work in it. Highly recommend!!!

Virginia Copeland

I have been wearing my double strap waist trainer for a month now. So glad I brought my trainer in person. The owner measured me and told me what I needed in person. I have been excited ever since. Drinking plenty of water and eating less than half of what I would usually eat has given me AWESOME results this far. “SNATCHING ME DAILY” has me snatched. Thanks Mrs. Retha


I love my waist trainer it holds my body in place very nice and comfortable I can't see wait to see the results I've been wearing mines for 3 days and baby I'm so glad I met you 💯

Chemell Harris

I love my waist belt and the shape it's giving me,it's very comfortable I'm able to still move around and sit without the limit of hardly breathing while wearing it,I wear it 5 or six hours,I feel like I could wear it all day that's how comfy it is,I'm glad I purchase one it definitely was a great buy‼️✅‼️⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


It’s has only been 3days an I’m amazed with the results.... I can’t wait for my 30 day review!!! I luv it ...I can’t wait to post more pictures😘thank you Retha💪❤️💯🙌🏽

Ieshia McDonald

I've only had my waist trainer 3 days and it really has me tucked away its already working I really love it and I'm glad I purchased it thank you so much Teretha.

Tommy Gibbs


Helen S

Imagine wearing the most comfortable, high quality, most seamless undetectable waist trainer EVER! NO more FLIPPING, ROLLING, & NO more BACK PAIN! Lose that tummy NOW w/ the "MAXIMUM SUPPORT TRAINER." I absolutely LOVE this waist trainer! Went from 49 inches to 41 inches in 5 weeks just by wearing my waist trainer every single day. Thanks, Retha Renee your products are amazing!

Camila Jimenez Houston, TX

5 star rating Best waist trainer Review by Lattoya C. on 11 Jun 2020. Best waist trainer Love everything about it fits good sturdy and quality is good 100% recommend to anyone looking for a good waist trainer.

Latoya C, Greenville, SC

Is very good product, when you working out, and you can already feel the sweat pouring. I recommend this 100%, you feel good after you using this after workout.

Wanda Camilo

Teretha Turner ! I’ve been jogging in this thigh shaper/ butt lifter for about 3 days and I LOVE it ! Most definitely will have your thigh area POURING in sweat when you take it off ! I must admit I was skeptical about trying it at first but I’m glad I did ! Please let me know when the double comes in !! I give credit when it’s due ! Thanks again !!

Jessica Harris

When i purchased my waist trainer I measured in at 41 1/2 inches today makes the 11th day I’ve been wearing it at work all day and working out in it! Today I worked out in it and also rubbed this cream called Albolene in my Thighs and stomach lord the sweat was pouring off of me. I measure my waistline today and I’m at 38 inches today. 🎉🎉🎉

Pamela Stevenson

I was a bit skeptical about ordering a waist trainer . Ive had so many bad experiences with different corsets. Until my friend told me about her recent purchase from Retha Renee. She constantly went on about how comfortable the waist trainer felt. How it actually compresses the entire stomach area. This waist trainer is the best EVER. Thank you Retha Renee for giving me my self confidence back!

Susan Jacobs

This is the best waist trainer I ever had!! So comfortable!! Better get you one!!

Lula Hul

Today I received my double belt waist trainer here in Texas with all the positive reviews I didn't waste anytime ordering mines thanks to my amazing niece Teretha Renee you are definitely changing lives to so many that need that positive lift. Thank You, Jennell

Jennell C. Ross Miller

Teretha is very professional. I love her personality and her work atmosphere.My waist trainer is the best .I thanked her and will be purchasing more items.

Latonia Carson

Thanks Renee I truly appreciate this I am enjoying my waist trainer. May God bless you.


I love my waist trainer and the service I received. Teretha Turner, is very professional and personal. I chose the double velcro strap, which allows you to tighten or loosen as needed and is very comfortable. Thanks again for your service. I will definitely shop with Teretha again.

Lisia Evans

This is the best waist trainer I’ve ever worn not only to work out in but to wear just to look great in my clothes as well. Thank you lady Teretha Turner for the wonderful trainer and keeping me snatch ed hunni.

Sharon McDaniel

Been wearing my waist trainer for almost a week now, Lord knows i needed it, thanks to my sister for the push, Teretha Turner. Contact her if you haven’t purchased yourself one. It is very comfortable, easy to manage,and a guaranteed snatcher. You wont be disappointed.

Mechie Richardson

This is the best, most comfortable waist trainer I ever had!

Ronshina Scott

This waist trainer is so comfortable. No wires in the back, no latex rolling down, this baby compressing everything in. You won’t be disappointed and you are going to shed some inches. Update – I measured my waist 3 weeks ago when i purchased my waist trainer from Teretha Turner 35 inches and now it has shrunk to 33, yall ladies better get yours before they sell out.

Kellee Marshall

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