Meet the Owner

About Retha Renee & Our Movement

Retha Renee is the C.E.O of Waist Trainers by RethaRenee and also the C.E.O of Brow This Lash That. She is a Certified Lash Professional, specializing in Microblading & Microshading. She was trained by the celebrity Sierra Gates (love and hip hop).

I started my own waist trainers line because I believe every woman should be able to show off their nice curves, no matter what age she is.

At this point, I figured we needed something to help speed up the process to make the stomach and waist shed those unwanted inches sooner. So I was able to get with my designer to create a waist trainer that fits the entire torso area.

Whether you are cleaning, cooking, walking or working out, my waist trainer is guaranteed to help you lose the unwanted inches around your waist.

I really hope you enjoy your waist trainer and let’s start shedding those unwanted inches TODAY!!

PLEASE NOTE due to the Coronavirus there will be a slight delay on all shipments.