Ready to Snatch that Waist?

Whether you are in the gym or sitting in the office at work all day, our shape wear is designed to fit comfortably, shed inches and form a more curvy shape.

Your new curvy figure awaits you!!

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Lift your Butt


Smooth & Tone your Thighs


Eliminate Lower Back Fat


Trim down your waist

Waist trainers

  • Double & Single Strap
  • Multiple Colors available
  • XS – 6XL Sizes Available
  • Shed Extra Inches Directly of your Waist

Butt and Thigh Shapers

  • Multiple Colors Available
  • Lift your Butt
  • Smooth and Tone your Thighs
  • Eliminate Lower Back Fat

Arm Shapers

  • Tone your arms
  • Elasticity Compression Slimming Arm
  • Super Sticky & Adjustable
  • Neoprene Speed up Fat Burning

Waist Training 101: Does It Really Work?

Maybe you heard about it from Jessica Alba or saw an Instagram on Kim Kardashian’s profile. Whatever your entrée to waist training, you’ve probably wondered how—and if—it actually works. Inquiring minds want to know, so we spoke to Vanna B. who is a waist training expert and author, for the skinny on the method.

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What Customers Say

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This waist trainer is so comfortable. No wires in the back, no latex rolling down, this baby compressing everything in. You won’t be disappointed and you are going to shed some inches.

Kellee Marshall

Been wearing my waist trainer for almost a week now, Lord knows i needed it, thanks to my sister for the push, Teretha Turner. Contact her if you haven’t purchased yourself one. It is very comfortable, easy to manage,and a guaranteed snatcher. You wont be disappointed

Mechie Richardson

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